VPN Network

Our VPN service is built based on the UK’s best data cetner located in London. Its IP routing connection has total up to 320 Gbps capacity. Here are the details about our VPN facilities:

Data center Location: London, United Kingdom, up to 30,000 Square Feet
Network Facilities: Redundant, Meshed Cisco 6500 Series Routers
Backbone Capacity: Redundant Fibre To Telehouse & Goswell Road Capable Of 320 Gb/S in Total
UK Network Connection: Peered With Over 95% Of LINX Members For The Fastest Routes To UK

Tier 1 Carriers’ connection list

  • nLayer® 6X10Gbps
  • FiberRing® 8X10Gbps
  • Level3® 4x10Gbps
  • Melbourne 8x10Gbps
  • Cogent® 8x10Gbps
  • ReTN.net 2x10Gbps
  • Hurricane 2X10Gbps
  • LINX 10x10Gbps
  • LoNAP 6x10Gbps
  • Packet Exchange 4 x 10Gbps

Also our VPN network is based on the high redundancy backbone connections with many benefits like:

  • Fault-tolerant Internet connectivity with three or more providers at minimal speeds of 1Gbit/s per provider link
  • Fault-tolerant BGP4 route advertisement
  • Fault-tolerant Cisco core routers
  • Fault-tolerant power systems with building-wide UPS systems and generators
  • Fault tolerance through unique fiber-optic cable entrances and paths

Plus the data center includes multiple level security and safety designs to keep the service running in a 24x7x365 non-stop running without any single down time:

  • Internal & external 360 degree CCTV coverage with auto-tour and PIR activation
  • Perimiter alarm system with beam detectors covering roof and doors access
  • Own substation 11KV feed on dual transformers
  • Resilient UPS
  • N+1 Cooling as standard
  • N+1 Generators as standard
  • Capacity for 72 hours of fuel for generators at full load

All of these highlight features and advanced infrastructure ensure a great UK VPN service to our visitors from all over the world.